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Lara Maigue signs up to be a #HeroFromHome

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Classically-trained soprano-songwriter Lara Maigue sets up an online fundraiser through Save the Children Philippines’ #HeroFromHome campaign to help raise funds to support the needs of children for healthcare, education, and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The #HeroFromHome campaign launched in July 2020 encourages individuals to create their own fundraisers, while staying safe in their own homes. The campaign supports educational needs of children as classes are set to begin this August. Donations collected will go to Save the Children Philippines’ COVID-19 response which includes the implementation of Project ARAL (Access to Resources for Alternative Learning). Maigue believes that the interests of children need to be considered in the fight against COVID-19. “We need to remember to include children as we respond to and eventually recover from this pandemic. As adults, we must ensure that their needs are provided for and that their rights are protected,” said Maigue when asked what it meant to be a #HeroFromHome for children. Her fundraiser aims to raise at least Php 50,000. Upon signing up to be a #HeroFromHome at, representatives from the international child rights organization will send a welcome pack that includes a guide on how to set up a fundraising page as well as creative ideas on how to raise funds. “Setting up my page was really easy and convenient. Just a few clicks and you’re able to start your journey in helping children. I hope that those who have the means sign up to be a #HeroFromHome,” said Maigue as she invites the public to be a #HeroFromHome. Lara Maigue has been named one of Save the Children Philippines’ Changemakers in 2019. Since then, she has been involved in the organization’s several campaigns, especially in the COVID-19 efforts. Maigue participated in the ‘Go Live and Help Save the Children’ wherein she held a successful online fundraiser concert and is lined up to be a volunteer reader for “Save with Stories.” Her latest involvement as a #HeroFromHome shows her dedication and commitment to do whatever it takes for children. Save the Children Philippines, through its COVID-19 response, has provided lifesaving support to 11,000 children and their families, including frontliners, by distributing personal protective equipment, food items, hygiene kits, and information, education, and communication materials in areas where they are needed the most. The organization has also been implementing Project ARAL to help children from low income families, those with disabilities, and those who face risks of being left out in school by providing innovative learning modalities, which complements the Basic Education Learning and Continuity Plan of the Department of Education.


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